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Donovan and Coleman Obtain Dismissal for the Orange County Sheriffs' Department in Federal Court

On January 25, 2011, John Donovan and Ashley Coleman of our Irvine office prevailed in Federal Court, obtaining a dismissal for the Orange County Sheriffs' Department.

In 2007, Orange County Sheriffs arrested plaintiff for belligerent behavior while she was allegedly conducting business at an Orange County Court.  In April 2009, plaintiff filed a complaint against the Sheriff's Department and several Deputies alleging several causes of action including: false arrest, excessive force, false imprisonment, sexual assault, interference with constitutional rights and various civil code violations. 

Despite being given several continuances, plaintiff repeatedly failed to respond to the Sheriff's Department's discovery requests.  As a result, Donovan and Coleman successfully moved to compel the discovery responses and were awarded sanctions against plaintiff.  When she again failed to respond to the discovery and to pay the sanctions, Donovan and Coleman moved for a dismissal of the case.  The Court granted the motion, dismissing the case in its entirety based on plaintiff's failure to prosecute and her failure to comply with Court orders.