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KNCH Las Vegas scores MSJ win for Pulte

A slip and fall case with a twist – the plaintiff was not the individual that fell, but rather, the realtor that tried to break her fall.  The realtor sued Pulte for injuries she claimed to have suffered while attempting to cushion her client’s fall after the client tripped over a concrete curb during a visit to one of Pulte’s model home centers.  Plaintiff argued that the curb should have been marked in some fashion.  In a victory for common sense and support for the maxim that you should always be aware of your surroundings, Clark Country District Court Judge Eric Johnson ruled the Pulte did not breach its duty owed to Plaintiff by failing to mark the curb.  KNCH Las Vegas partner Richard Young and his team presented a clear and convincing motion that carried the day.  A well-timed statutory offer to compromise was made and we now await the Court’s ruling on recovery of fees.