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Commercial Trucking and Transportation Defense Litigation

KNCH’s Commercial Trucking and Transportation Litigation Team has significant experience, both in and outside the courtroom in the handling of commercial transportation matters, including defense of trucking companies, solo drivers, transportation brokers, and railroads. We protect our clients’ interests in this field, from the very outset of an accident, by immediate emergency response of our multi-disciplinary Emergency Response Team, comprised of our lawyers and accident reconstruction experts and other consultants.  The ERT’s purpose is to provide rapid response to an accident location, collect and preserve evidence and timely investigate the accident in anticipation of litigation. We have significant experience in addressing:

• catastrophic brain and orthopedic injuries;
• human factors;
• biomechanical engineering;
• seat belt issues;
• occupant kinematics;
• toxicology;
• hazardous materials transportation and discharges;
• mass tort actions, e.g. passenger train versus commercial truck accidents;
• spoliation of evidence and electronic recorders downloads;
• hours of service violations, log falsification and fatigue claims;
• negligent load tie down;
• lighting and conspicuity issues;
• mechanical issues;
• federal and state venue issues;
• broker and shipper liability issues;
• trailer interchange issues; and
• additional insured and indemnification issues.


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