Florida Partner Chad Dunigan Authors CLM Construction Article – Cold Lessons, Summer 2021

Sep 1, 2021

Cold Lessons -Seven Tips for Contractors after February’s Winter Storms
CLM Construction Magazine, Summer 2021

According to AccuWeather, the damage and economic loss suffered by Texas and Texans from the February 2021 winter storms could reach $130 billion.  For perspective, Hurricane Harvey caused an estimated $203 billion in damage and economic loss in 2017.

The February 2021 winter storms, like the many severe weather events that preceded them, did not come without warning. There was limited time between the storms’ forecast and arrival for contractors to take precautionary measures to best position themselves (from a legal perspective) if the storms damaged or delayed their pending construction projects.

Read about the seven mitigating steps taken by proactive contractors, which you too should consider taking to limit severe weather impacts on your ongoing projects.

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