Florida Partners Dunigan, Brooks and Corona Secure a Defense Arbitration Award for Firm’s National Home-Builder Clients

May 25, 2023

Florida Win for the Firm’s National Client Home Builder


Florida Partners Chad Dunigan, Ryan Brooks and Kevin Corona have successfully secured a defense arbitration award in favor of one of the firm’s national home-builder clients.  The underlying arbitration proceedings concerned the development and original construction of a luxury home situated on a water-front lot.  This high-exposure claim was presented by homeowners who alleged various construction defects, including defects that had purportedly led differentiated structural movement and consequential property damages. During the arbitration proceedings, the homeowners pursued a comprehensive structural repair protocol with a claimed value in excess of $5 MM. After substantial briefings and upon conclusion of the arbitration hearing, liability for the structural claims was rejected by the arbitrator.  Although the homeowners appealed the arbitration outcome, the appellate arbitrator subsequently affirmed the underlying award in favor of our client.

                                                  Chad Dunigan, Partner                                     Ryan Brooks, Partner                                         Kevin Corona, Partner