Newly Elected to the Rocklin City Council – David Bass, Sacramento Partner

Dec 28, 2022

Congratulations to Sacramento Partner, David Bass!

David was elected to the Rocklin City Council as an Independent. “I’m proud to announce WE WON!!! It was a tight race, but we stayed positive while the other side went extremely negative. Thankfully I had the support of the entire city council, police, fire, and a diverse coalition of both Democrats and Republicans”.

He encourages his attorney friends to be proud of the work they do.  “Any attorney thinking about running for a political seat, regardless of what you actually do, you can expect the opposition to call you an ambulance chaser.  I never hid from the fact that I was an attorney, and I did my best to use this as an opportunity to make a good name for a profession I believe is capable of doing great things for our local politics”.

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