Orlando Office Celebrates Black History Month – February 2023

May 11, 2023


Orlando Celebrating Black History Month with lunch from Nikki’s Place, which is a local black owned restaurant in Orlando.


Our Florida employees enjoyed a great lunch and played Black History Family Feud. Some of the questions were:

  1. Name the three individuals who have been distinguished EGOT winners. (Emmy Grammy Oscar and Tony (as of today there is 4 with Viola Davis joining the club with her win at the Grammy’s on Sunday)
  2. Name the three black individuals who have served on the US Supreme Court
  3. Name four athletes who have played 2 professional sports. Ex: Deion Sanders (Played in the MLB and NFL).
  4. Name the Four HBCU’s in Florida.
  5. Name Eight Black Owned Clothing Lines
  6. Name Five Black Individuals who had their own TV show: Ex: Oprah; Montel Williams; Tyra Banks
  7. Name Six Black Sitcom TV Shows: Ex: Family Matters; Fresh Prince of Bel Air; Living Single