2023 KNCH RING Certification – Recognizing Inclusion for the Next Generation

Jul 26, 2023

Recognizing Inclusion for the Next Generation – RING

A new gold standard to identify, promote, and celebrate qualifying organizations. RING is proud to demonstrate its support of diversity, equity, and inclusion by introducing a unique certification program for companies who share our commitment.

While acknowledgment in the form of MBE/WBE and other certifications has historically – and importantly – focused on organizations with a particular percentage of women or minority ownership, RING moves organizations to the next level with a broader  perspective, championing a variety of initiatives that reflect meaningful progress toward diversity, inclusion, equity, and allyship.

RING recognizes efforts and achievements through a wide lens that encourages and rewards diverse-owned companies and their allies for their support of DE&I efforts within their organizations.

Visit the RING website here