Austin, Texas

Mr. John Donovan is the managing partner of the Austin office.  The office handles cases across Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, the Dallas Ft. Worth area, and as far south as Brownsville.  Additionally, Mr. Andrew Green, Mr. Christopher Grossi, and Mr. Michael Zech are partners admitted to practice in the State of Texas.

Our Austin, Texas Attorneys

John P. Donovan

Austin, TX
Irvine, CA
(512) 795-4721

Andrew C. Green

Las Vegas, NV
Austin, TX
(702) 853-5500

Christopher J. Grossi

Irvine, CA
Austin, TX
(949) 864-3400

Contact Information

5900 Southwest Parkway
Suite 5-520
Austin, TX 78735
Phone: (512) 795-4721
Fax: (512) 795-4724