Our San Diego Office Sponsored the Local Paralegal Association’s DEI&B Conference

Aug 18, 2023

Our San Diego Office gets involved with the local Paralegal Association by Sponsoring the DEI&B Annual Conference

The San Diego Paralegal Association is pleased to announce its inaugural Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Educational Conference.  The conference provides attendees with valuable takeaways from diverse legal professionals with a specific focus on DEIB issues, including cultural competence and diversity initiatives, workplace culture, disability, neurodiversity, and other relevant topics.  We invite you to embark on or continue your journey to creating a workplace, culture, and society committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

The work of DEIB professionals never stops and each of us must join in the shift to create a world accepting of and adaptable for everyone.  This event celebrated DEIB, educated professionals about challenges and trends associated with DEIB, and amplified the voices of those who have forged a path and set examples for others in their DEIB journey.  These professionals shared their wisdom and expertise working in and working to advance DEIB initiatives in their personal and professional lives.

Click below for additional information and how to become part of the discussion.

San Diego Paralegal Association